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5 Pin Bowling
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5 Pin Bowling For Visually Impaired

Contact Nathan at 519-651-1938 or email

Victoria Bowl

280 Victoria St S.Kitchener, ON N2G 2C3


  • When: every Tuesday at 1 pm
  • Cost will be $9.00 per person. This will include 2 games, shoe rentals if necessary, and taxes
  • Victoria Bowls opens at noon. Please time you transportation to arrive at noon and not earlier. The management is concerned about bowlers arriving too earlier and not having access to get inside
  • A full kitchen is available with a revised menu
  • The GRT bus for route 20, has stops directly in front of the lanes, going both directions
  • Coaching: Self or can be arranged by Nathan
  • People cannot just drop in for bowling, they must phone Nathan and register to join a team or sign up a team with others.
January 17, 2018 news story - Curling for the visually impaired
Norm Green, centre, watches as Wendy Simpson, right, stands on the ice to give Carrie Francis, who has partial sight, a target during a K-W Blind Curlers practice at the KW Granite Club. - Mathew McCarthy,Record staff

Curling for the visually impaired

Jan 17, 2018 by Record staff Waterloo Region Record

WATERLOO — Wendy Simpson has seen the change an afternoon of curling can have on a visually impaired person. "It's literally changed people's lives," she said. People with limited or no vision can be isolated and unhappy but time spent on the ice with others who face the same challenges can turn things around for them, she said. For 15 years the former physical education teacher has coached the K-W Blind Curlers, a group started more than 35 years ago at the KW Granite Club in Waterloo. The club has produced provincial and national championship winning teams and also gives coaching to beginner curlers.

"One of the biggest challenges is to slide out of the hack which is very difficult especially when you're visually impaired," Simpson said. The invention of a stick that allows a standing delivery has helped. "It's been a wonderful invention to keep people curling. The stick has made it easier for those with any lack of balance." For those with some sight, a coach can help with aiming by using a broom or by standing directly in line between the thrower and the target. Simpson is now semi-retired from coaching but still occasionally helps out with the club's seven members. "I think I've gotten more out of it than they have."

Curling image
CCB Waterloo Regional Club were the winners of the National Curling Championship in 2016
Across the back in the second row from the left - Doug Boucher, Geoff Hodgson, Jeff Otonovich. Across the front row - Carrie Speers, Norm Green, Edward Rhynold and Wendy Simpson in the middle.

KW Blind Curlers

Curlers meet Fridays at 10 AM to 12 Noon at the Granite Club. Dress for cold weather and shoes never worn outdoors are necessary to keep the ice clean.

Granite Club

99 Seagram Drive, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3B6

Contact Person: Carrie Speers at 519-893-8591 or

Blind Curling dates 2018-2019

  • November 9th,30th
  • December 7th,14th,21st
  • January 4th,11th,18th,25th
  • February 1st,22nd
  • March 1st,8th,15th,22nd,29th


Contact Person: Norm Green 519-669-4049 or

Ontario Visually Impaired Golf


Contact Person: Carrie Speers at 519-893-8591 or