CCB Waterloo Regional Club


About Us

We are reaching out to the blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired in Waterloo Region

Mission Statement:

To work together as a community of peers that acts to improve the individual and community quality of life of people who are blind, deaf-blind or living with low vision.

Our Values:

  • We believe in ABILITY not disability.
  • We engage in a variety of social and recreational activities based on the particular interests of its members.
  • We believe in building independence, community inclusion and acceptance of vision loss.

Our Goals:

  • To improve the quality of life, increased accessibility and equality of opportunity for people who are blind or have low vision.
  • To work with other groups of people with low vision or who are blind.
  • To promote measures for the conservation of sight and prevention of blindness for all.
  • Advocacy - to bring awareness of issues of vision loss to the public and government.
Left to right - Cecilia, Tiffani, Dean, Hazel and Jay (center)

Our Executive:

  • President: Jay Oswald
  • Vice President: Tiffani Schmidt
  • Treasurer: Dean Schmidt
  • Past President: Hazel Courtney
  • Secretary: Cecilia Beechey

Message from our President Jay Oswald

As President I would like the Canadian Council of the Blind Waterloo Regional Club (CCB) to be an organization of fun, fellowship and acceptance. A club with willingness to accept diversity. Although fundraising is necessary, it is important we have people who want to be together and who want to enjoy one another’s company. We need to be able to work together because together we can be successful and cohesive. If we stick together we can make each other become stronger people.

Message from our Past President Hazel Courtney

I have been a member of the CCB Waterloo group since 2003 after experiencing vision loss through glaucoma and two retinal detachments. I had totally lost one eye due to an infection after a trabulectomy surgery which went bad. This left me unable to drive anymore so it was difficult to get a job in social work which I was trained for. I eventually went back to school again and did a post graduate course in Employment Counselling. After that I set up my own business helping people on social assistance to find jobs through the Region of Waterloo. So I did not have a great deal of time to give CCB. After a few years I was voted in as Vice President so became part of the Executive where we discussed and planned such things as fundraisers, visits to classrooms and senior residences for White Cane Week, annual Walkathons, recreational events as well as setting up a booth at the local malls. During the past two years I have served as President with the aid of Deborah Sampson who was a past president.

Besides working with the Executive, I planned the monthly dinner meetings and invited speakers from many different local organizations such as CNIB, Canadian Mental Health, KPL and Independent Living. One of my major goals during this time was to get a chapter website and Facebook page set up with the help of volunteers referred to us through the Volunteer Action Centre. This is now a work in progress as well as Marketing plans to increase our membership. There is a vast number of blind, deaf-blind and low vision individuals in Waterloo Region who desperately need our help and we need them to carry on our valuable work.