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A Lack of Sight is not a Lack of Vision

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White Cane Week (3-9 February 2019)

This important week of raising public awareness of the challenges facing Canadians living with vision loss is marked by events sponsored by CCB chapters within their local communities. Events vary from chapter to chapter but all focus on demonstrating the abilities – not disabilities – of people living with vision loss.

CCB chapters across the country host a variety of open houses, informational forums and other events in their local communities to raise awareness and provide information to the public.

Although many chapters hold public awareness events throughout the year WCW encourages CCB chapters across the country to make a coordinated “team effort” to host events during the specific time frame of White Cane Week to maximize the impact of the information provided to the public through open houses, public forums and other educational opportunities in their local communities.

White canes come in three varieties, depending on the needs of people who are visually impaired or blind. Identification canes are light, collapsible white canes used to indicate visual impairment or blindness. White support canes are designed to support weight and help a person walk. Long canes, the most familiar type of white cane, are used as a probe primarily for unfamiliar environments.

Message from the President CCB National

“Happy New Year to all”

As we begin 2018 chapters across the country are busily preparing for White Cane Week. I hope that stormy weather will not cause any disruptions in plans for special events.

CCB will continue our working relationships with organizations of and for the blind as well as other disability groups so that we can help in the prevention of blindness and improve the quality of the lives of individuals already experiencing vision loss so they can lead a comfortable and productive lifestyle. Working together with other groups such as (but not limited to) CELA, IFA, BMC, and CTA we are better able to get a voice to make a difference for everyone. We will continue to send support letters for a variety of Patient Groups in their efforts because many of the particular diseases they represent are diseases that our members often are battling as well as blindness so it helps the common good for all.

An example would be a letter of support for when Cannabis becomes legalized later this year there will be a tax on all products. This can be an added burden for those who will be using it through prescriptions for medical reasons. Other prescription drugs are not taxable so it could prevent people who really need this type of pain relief to not be able to afford the prescription. While this can be a controversial issue CCB is supporting the proper medical use of cannabis only not the recreational usage.

In February, expect to see a new look to our monthly newsletter. We hope to reach a larger population and hence increase membership.

A special Thank You to all our sponsors and donors throughout the year for aiding in promoting our programs and making it possible for more persons with vision loss to enjoy using these programs as well.

More than 600,000 blind and visually impaired persons are across the country. White Cane Week provides an opportunity to celebrate our successes and raise awareness about the challenges still facing many blind Canadians.

Louise Gillis, National President

From January 2018 CCB National newsletter

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